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NRP Hidra Stationed in Madeira Until Mid-September

Portuguese Naval vessel, NRP Hidra arrived in Madeira on Friday the 9th of August and will remain stationed here until mid-September due to increased patrolling needs around the island. The ship and crews duties will include search and rescue, patrolling the regions waters, supporting the regional civil protection agencies in case of natural calamity or disaster situations and cooperating with other state departments.

The NRP Hidra is the fifth in a series of five Argos class ships. It was launched on the 26th of July 1961 and entered military service in December 1961. Designed by Arsenal do Alfeite shipyard, the boat was then built at the CONAFI – Construção Naval de Fibras, Lda shipyard.  The Hidra is twenty-seven metres long, has a displacement of 94 tons, reaches a top speed of 26 knots and has a range of 1350 miles.  The vessel is commanded by Second Lieutenant Diogo Miguel Simões Monteiro and has a crew of ten naval personnel comprising of two officers, one sergeant and seven naval seamen.

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