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Tax Authorities Warn of Fraudulent Emails

The Tax and Customs Authority (TA) has warned that fraudulent e-mail messages that use the finance portal address are being circulated via the internet and urges recipients not to open the suggested link.

In a statement, the Tax and Customs Authority says that it is aware that some taxpayers have been receiving email messages from the portaldasfinancas.3aqb9 @ .pt address where they are asked to click on the link provided.  This they say is entirely false, and anyone receiving such an email should delete it immediately.

A security alert is already in place on the Finance Portal (, and the TA stresses that the purpose of these fraudulent messages is to convince the recipient to access malicious pages, and warns that under no circumstances should anyone do this.  The fraudulent message is easy to spot as it refers to the existence of a “debit” and uses terminology that would be unfamiliar to most users.

This is not the first warning the TA has issued with regards to this problem, as over the last couple of years they have identified and prevented several online fraud attempts.  But it’s always wise to be careful.

Samantha Ganon

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