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IFCN and Galo Resort Hotels in Cleanup Operation

The Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFCN) and the Galo Resort Hotels Group, have partnered up and are undertaking a joint cleanup operation of “Casa da Achada do Teixeira” in Santana.  The clear-up process includes the collection of rubbish as well as cutting down some invasive plants that are taking over the area, such as gorse and broom. The initiative started today and will continue tomorrow.

According to the IFCN, the activities carried out aim to promote good environmental practices, which are one of the inherent principles of the Galo Resort Hotel Group.  The hotel chain wants to raise environmental awareness, act in a sustainable way to protect the planet as well as encourage the voluntary participation of the group’s clients and employees in future cleanup operations.

Currently, Casa da Achada do Teixeira is being remodelled by a group of private parties, who aim to restore the formally condemned building, located near Pico Ruivo.  By re-developing and maintaining the structural integrity of the house and creating a restaurant, the building will be an important feature for the many locals and tourists who visit the area.

Samantha Gannon

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