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TAP Pilots Wear Masks While Landing New A330NEO Aircraft

TAP admitted to newspaper Correio da Manhã this week that emergency masks were worn by their airline pilots during the landing of one of the new A330neo aircraft, due to suspicious odours.  According to the airline ‘the masks were merely used as a precaution and in accordance with the operating procedures when dealing with unidentified odours.’

However, TAP categorically states that there are no toxic gases onboard the Airbus A330neo and tests carried out on cabin air show that the air quality on the A330neo is clearly within aircraft parameters and certification standards. The guarantees given by the airline contrast, however, with claims of flight attendants, some pilots and the Cabin Crew Union who apparently have repeatedly complained about the bad smells and sickness that airline staff have suffered onboard the A330neo.  According to one unnamed pilot, who contacted  Correio da Manhã, there have been “problems with the aircraft’ and that it was irresponsible for TAP’s president, Antonoaldo Neves to say otherwise, even Airbus is concerned’ he told the paper.

Another commander said that  ‘Landing with masks has happened more often, although it is the normal procedure whenever odours or fumes are suspected’ he explained.   In the meantime, the National Civil Aviation Authority has only said it is following the situation, but sees no reason to suspend flights.

It should also be noted that TAP’s flight operations manual prevents crew members and pilots from using their mobile phones and taking photos, but airline manager Abílio Martins has broken the rules according to Correio da Manhã, who state that Martins encourages pilots to take photo’s during the flight as a way of promoting the airline.

However, images of pilots in masks may not be the image they want to portray!

Samantha Gannon

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