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I Dog Trail

This morning the I Dog Trail took place in Ribeira Brava. The initiative is part of the Ribeira Brava City Council and Parish Council alongside with the Madeira Athletic Association (AARAM) and Vetmedis.

The Mayor of Ribeira Brava, Ricardo Nascimento, explained that the competition is more than just a race or a sport, it’s about raising animal awareness, something the municipality cares very much about, and as such, he said there is no doubt that a second I Dog Trail will be planned in the future.

Duarte Correia, from the Madeira Veterinary Hospital, was pleased with the level of commitment from the local authorities and AARAM. He went on to say that Machico held the inaugural I Dog Trail event or canicross on the 4th of May this year, followed by Ribeira Brava today and a further competition is scheduled for Funchal in September.

In addition to the large dogs (2.5 km) and small dog (1.5 km) trails, there was a dog parade as well as a non-abandonment of domestic animals initiative with Food Aid for Dogs Association promoting the responsible adoption of young animals.

The competition results have the women’s 2,500-metre race won by Márcia Sumares and Ozzy with a time of 12m. Fábio Santos and Trudy won the male large dog section with a fast time of 8m57s. In the small dog 1,500-metre section, the ladies race was won by Lia Viveiros and Pantufa in 7m33s, with Ricardo Vaz and Scoby winning the men’s event in 7m28s.  The top three male and female runners-up all received non-cash prizes.

It was a great day for everyone involved.

Samantha Gannon

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