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Urgent Work Needed in Porto Santo

The CDU party has complained of what it considers to be the shameful and unacceptable abandonment of Fonte da Areia, located on the north of Porto Santo. An area, which is a recognised place of scenic interest and scientific and geological importance.

Over the years, the access to Fonte da Areia has been affected by bad weather which has made the locale unsafe for visitors. Because of a lack of interest and its hazardous environment, the area is now characterised by its lack of cleanliness, degraded, abandoned and vandalised public spaces as well as little or no information about the regions scientific merit.

Although the Municipality of Porto Santo considers the sand already protected due to its scientific heritage, the CDU state that it is shameful that both the Regional Government and the City Council of Porto Santo have refused to take control or responsibility of the area or seen its tourism potential. As such, the CDU advises that the locale requires cleaning, repairing and monitoring, ensuring that it is safe for visitors and those who wish to study its scientific merit.

Samantha Gannon

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Madeira Weekly