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Top Ten Water Saving Tips

The Municipality of Funchal has issued an appeal asking people to reduce the amount of water they use this summer, especially as this winter the weather was exceptionally dry.

The statement reads that by saving water, citizens will not only help the environment, but also avoid unnecessary expenditure and, above all, prevent areas of Madeira being affected by lack of water as typical summer peak consumption puts additional strain on supplies.

The Municipality of Funchal recommends that the entire population adopts these ten water-saving habits.

  1. Take shorter showers.
  2. Do not brush your teeth or wash dishes in running water.
  3. Use water flow adjustment taps or install flow reduction devices throughout the house, including the shower.
  4. Use washing machines only when you have a full load.
  5. Do not clean dishes by piece, put them together, and wash once or twice a day. Also, use as little detergent as possible when hand washing dishes.  This reduces the amount of water needed to rinse them.
  6. Don’t wash yards, cars or outside floors using a hosepipe.
  7. Avoid unnecessary flushing in the flush toilet; remember that this is not a dustbin. Each discharge spends about 10 litres of water.
  8. Water the garden in the early morning or early evening when evaporation is lower.
  9. Make sure that the plumbing of your home is working efficiently: call a plumber if you have dripping taps or any breaks in the pipework.
  10. If you detect a water leak in a public space, please contact the Town Hall immediately.

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