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Forest Regeneration Project

The CDS-PP Madeira – Popular Youth of Madeira (JP), announced yesterday that they have taken part in a regeneration project held at the Ecological Park of Funchal. CDS-PP Madeira leader, Rui Barreto stated that the volunteers had participated in both awareness campaigns for both the park and the Laurissilva forest, as well as removing invasive plants in the Viveiros do Parque in preparation for the area to be reseeded with endemic plant species.

Pedro Pereira, President of JP Madeira, explained how essential nature and Madeira’s natural heritage is, and that we need to protect the islands Laurissilva forest from invasive plants such as acacias or eucalyptus.  These not only significantly increase the risk of forest fires; they leach water from the soil, prevent the growth of Madeira’s endemic species and marginal plants.  He concluded by saying that there is still a long way to go to recover the islands forests after the fires of recent years, and that this goal requires the motivation and commitment of everyone!

Samantha Gannon

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