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CDU Wants Zero Emissions in Ports

A statement issued by the CDU states that they intend to bring about strategic measures to control climate change and safeguard Madeira’s environment.  In their report, the CDU insists that one of the largest environmental polluters are cruise ship emissions. By 2017, ‘Carnival Corporation’  cruise liners had emitted the same amount of sulphur oxide as 260 million cars off the coast of Europe.

Findings by the Zero Association, a member of FETA, say that emissions from cruise liners sailing off the Portuguese coast are 86 times higher than that of cars travelling around Portugal.  In Lisbon, it is estimated that cruise liner emissions are equivalent to one-fifth of the 374 thousand vehicles that circulate the city.

Meanwhile, the European Union has created a strategy which monitors the impact of cruise ships, and has created emission control areas in the North Sea, Baltic Sea and the English Channel.

However, Madeira, Porto Santo and other islands in the Atlantic rely on and are popular luxury liner shipping routes, and much of their tourism-based economy is dependent on attracting these small floating cities.  But given the impact, these have on climate change and the natural environment the CDU want the ports of Madeira and Porto Santo to have zero emission limits.

This, of course, is admirable, but achieving a balance between the environment and the island’s reliance on a tourism-based economy will be challenging, especially in the short term.

Samantha Gannon

info at

Madeira Weekly