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Safety of Regions Roads a Priority

The Madeiran Government believes that investment in the safety of regions roads is essential, as they are “considered difficult” said the Infrastructure Secretary Amílcar Gonçalves, while visiting the completed work on the slope at Palheiro Ferreiro (Funchal to Camacha Road), which cost an estimated at 1.2 million euros.

This section of the road was severely affected in the 2010 storm which resulted in a series of landslides. To protect nearby dwellings and enhance the safety of the road; a new retaining wall was built and faced with Madeira stone, making it both functional and attractive.

On talking to reporters, he said that it had been ‘worth every penny because the region’s roads are not the easiest in the world, although everyone has this notion’ he said ‘that they are not only difficult to drive but are accompanied by precipitous drops thus making driving here on the island challenging.’

The road rehabilitation projects are financed by the Media Law, a financial mechanism created by the Government of the Republic to support the reconstruction of the island after the storm of 2010, which caused losses in the region of 1,000 million euros.  Concluding his visit, Amílcar Gonçalves said that the Regional Government would soon proceed with four more road rehabilitation projects in Funchal, Ponto do Sol, Ribeira Brava and Santa Cruz.

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