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Exorbitant Flight Prices

According to website information, travelling from Madeira to Porto Santo could cost you ten times as much as flying from Lisbon to the golden isle.

TAP’s new campaign advocates paying now and saving on your flights to Porto Santo. However, this does not seem to apply if you want to travel from Madeira.  Simulated costs show that flying by TAP in September between Lisbon and Porto Santo should cost around €53 euros, with flights between Porto and Porto Santo in July costing in the region of €213 euros. However, if you want to fly from Madeira to Porto Santo in August, you not only have to fly via Lisbon, you also get to pay the very attractive price of €494 euros!

On the other hand, Binter airlines have just announced that tickets for their 25-minute flight between Madeira and Porto Santo are from €41.95. Restrictions apply, as all tickets must be purchased by the 15th of July and flights must be booked from the 15th of August to the 30th of September. For more information, please visit their website at

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