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Albuquerque – Says No to Drugs

The President of the Regional Government was one of the guests on Cristina Ferreira’s programme this morning, where he publicly addressed, for the first time, the rumours about his supposed drug addiction.

In a relaxed conversation with Cristina Ferreira, Miguel Albuquerque spoke candidly of his life and tackled what he terms a “terrible rumour” relating to his alleged cocaine addiction. He explained that the gossip had come about because of a hospital trip where he was being treated for a kidney problem and had to use a catheter.  From then on, he surmised the rumours that he was a drug addict were used as a political tool against him. The president went on to say that ‘this is disgusting tittle-tattle made up by unscrupulous people.’ He went on to explain that the whole thing has been very embarrassing both to him and his family, saying that it had affected him personally as he has two granddaughters, six children and has always been a person who never had anything to do with drugs.

Miguel Albuquerque acknowledged that this was the first time he had approached this topic publicly and thanked Cristina for the opportunity, saying ‘I’m glad you asked that question because it’s a shameful slander.’ Other facts released about the president this morning were that he was an excellent Portuguese student, runs every morning, and knows how to cook.

During the programme, Miguel Albuquerque was taught to make poncha and accompanied the very talented Vânia Fernandes on the piano as she sang ‘I know I’m going to love you.’

Samantha Gannon

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