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Pilot Plastic Bottle Collection Scheme

As part of an environmental pilot scheme, fifty disposable plastic bottle collection machines will be installed in markets, shopping centres, hypermarkets and universities across Portugal. The Environment Minister, who presented the project today, hopes that new machines, coupled with an incentive system, will encourage everyone to adopt ‘responsible environmental behaviour.

Many believe that the new bottle collection facilities will help combat marine litter, as single-use plastic bottles make up a significant proportion of both sea and beach debris. Other significant polluters include fishing materials and oxo-degradable plastics. The European Commission has already set recycle goals that require that 77% of all single-use beverage bottles are recycled by 2025. This figure will rise to 90%  by 2029.

The Environment Minister has until the end of the year to assess the viability of the project, while the Portuguese government will deliver a copy of their findings to the Assembly of the Republic during the latter part of 2021.

So far, it is not clear whether Madeira will take part in the trials.

Samantha Gannon

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