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Horse Fish Sighting in Porto Santo

A fish, known as a Horsefish has chased bathers away from the water in the Fontinha beach in Porto Santo.  Similar to Swordfish, Horsefish do not usually come to close to the shoreline, giving marine professionals the impression that the fish was either injured or dead.

Bathers were advised to leave the water, as Horsefish have large teeth and will bite if feeling threatened by both shallow waters and close human contact.

Lifeguards called in the Maritime Police and marine specialists to monitor the situation and either guide the animal into deeper waters, or if dead, collect and bury the corpse.

Horse fish belong to the Congiopodidae (horse fish) family, are moderately sized and have angular bodies and well-developed dorsal fin spines. They are scaleless although some may have rough skins, grow to a size to 75 cm (30 inches), and live in the moderately deep cold waters of the Southern Hemisphere, more particularly the southeast Atlantic at depths between 50 m – 500 m, although 50 m – 150 m is the norm.

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