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Madeira to Feature in Na Corda Bamba

TVI’s new television programme Na Corda Bamba has chosen Madeira to feature in one of its episodes, which promises to be full of suspense and intense drama, performed by its ‘A’ list cast.

Filming has already taken place with actors Dalila Carmo and Margarida Vila-Nova returning to Lisbon this morning.  In a statement, the actors explained that filming here was particularly important as Madeira has a unique atmosphere, and it is this feeling that makes it an appropriate setting for the project.  Back home directors and cast are concentrating their efforts on the first ten episodes ensuring that the intense storyline and beautiful Madeiran images mesh seamlessly.

The new drama based on the novel by Rui Vilhena and is said to be full of surprises, emotions, complex characters and dark secrets. The plot has Dalila Carmo and Pêpe Rapazote as protagonists. Living as Lucia and Pipo, they think they have committed the perfect crime and are living a happy life with their three children Gabriel, Alice and Rita.  But this changes when their murder victims come to life.

These two renowned actors are joining an equally prestigious cast of Alexandra Lencastre, Nuno Homem de Sá, Paula Neves, Lídia Franco, Maria João Bastos, António Capelo, Sílvia Rizzo and São José Correia. They are joined by Brazilians Edwin Luisi and Lucélia Santos, who are internationally known for their roles in ‘Escrava Isaura’.

This is not the first time that Madeira has starred in a TVI project produced by Plural Entertainment. Among several other productions, it was the main stage for the adaptation of the novel ‘Flor do Mar’, which was filmed here between 2008 and 2009, featuring Nuno Homem de Sá and Maria João Bastos, who were both in Pérola do Atlântico’ and are now starring in ‘Na Corda Bamba .’

Author Rui Vilhena has already worked with TVI on projects such as ‘Tempo de Viver’ and ‘No one like you.’

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