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30% of the Public Administration Fleet Vehicles Will be Electric by 2020

This morning the Vice-President (VP) of the regional government Pedro Calado, while presenting the Plan of Action for Sustained Urban Mobility stated that by 2020, 30% of Public Administration vehicles will be electric.

While speaking, the VP stated that the strategy for the promotion of electric mobility in the Region is quite comprehensive, and includes electric public transport buses, electric charging installations as well as launching new general information and awareness campaigns.  He also reminded those present of some of the measures already in place, such as the launch of the public tender held in February of this year for the acquisition of five electric minibuses, as well as the replacement of 129 buses operated by Horários do Funchal by 2022.

He went on to say that the objective is to promote competitiveness within the public transport sector to better serve Madeira’s populous.  Proudly stating, that the island is the first region in the whole of Portugal to subsidise the cost of public transport social passes, to the extent that it costs the regional government approximately eight million euros per year.  With lowered charges, the VP hopes this will attract more people to use public transport, thus releasing more income for families, increase spending power and improve the quality of the environment throughout the region.

In comparison to April 2018, this April saw a 34% increase in demand for social bus passes.  Additionally, a new revolutionary plan will see ideas such as integrated ticketing system, development of school mobility plans, real-time public transport information via information panels as well as mobile and online applications.  Other ideas include car sharing and carpooling and, among other things the creation of a public transport service for tourists.

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