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Fire Fighting Goats

The province of Sabugal, Guarda on the mainland has come up with a new fire prevention scheme, using goats. The goats or ‘sapras sapadoras’ will graze the Serra da Malcata Natural Reserve, thus reducing the amount of combustible material around the reserve. The herd will consist of 211 goats who will have the run of 181 hectares.
According to the parish Mayor João Vítor Nunes Fernandes, the project, including the full complement of goats will take two years to complete. However, the scheme will provide jobs in the parish, and ‘preserve forest resources’ at the edge of the Park and the Serra da Malcata Natural Reserve, as well as provide the basis of a new goat’s milk venture.
The project will cost in the region of €300,000.

Samantha Gannon

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