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Mackro May Open Store in Madeira

The CEO of Metro AG, Olaf Koch, the group that owns Makro in Portugal, recently admitted in an interview with Lusa that they intend to open more stores in Portugal. The company currently operates ten ‘Makro Portugal’ Cash and Carry warehouses and is planning on expanding its business on the mainland in Serra da Estrela and Covilhã and Madeira.

During an interview, Olaf Koch said that the company is looking to expand further, but before they do, they have to ensure that there is sufficient customer demand.

Makro prides itself on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship, stating that Portugal has what it takes, especially in the food sector and is becoming one of the company’s flagship countries. Also, Makro is committed to reducing its carbon footstep and the amount of plastic it uses. Koch stated that the group has already replaced the use of plastic on hundreds of items and that this is just one of the significant challenges the company is prepared to meet. He went on to say that everyone has to find an alternative environmentally friendly product, but sometimes these options are more damaging to the planet than plastic is. He also believes that various enterprises should work together to create a workable solution to create a more sustainable climate for businesses such as theirs.

Makro entered the Portuguese market in 1990 and currently employs more than 900 people.

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