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First Aid Courses for Children

Throughout July, August and September this year the Madeiran Red Cross will be carrying out a series of free first aid courses for children aged between 10 -14 years of age.

For those interested registrations to attend one of the ‘Socorrer Brincando’ courses is open until the 5th of July.  Parents can either register in person at the Headquarters of the Madeira Red Cross Delegation, Rua das Mercês n. 40, Funchal  or by e-mail at

Last year, the Red Cross carried out six, nine-hour courses in Santana in partnership with the Municipality of Santana, Santana Cidade Solidária institution, the Santanense Sports Group and the Santana Volunteer Firefighters.  Approximately 115 children attended the courses and got to grips with first aid in ‘a playful way,’ which proved very popular among the youngsters who attended.

Samantha Gannon

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