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Wasted Water Could Fill 15,500 Swimming Pools

Despite Águas e Resíduos da Madeira, S.A. (ARM) saying that it is doing everything in its power to control water leaks, the amount of wasted water through leakage could fill 15,500 swimming pools according to Nuno Pereira who was attending the Jornadas conference this morning.  And Madeira is not the only sufferer, as three weeks ago in Porto Santo, a 150 m stretch of road had five water leaks. Despite ARM’s reassurance that they are doing everything possible, observations suggest that new ideas and practices have to be implemented and adopted with regards to water use and conservation, especially if the weather conditions of this year are to become the norm.

A spokesperson during the Jornadas conference also reiterated that not only does the islands drinking water supply have to be maintained, but Madeira’s natural environment and rivers need to be protected, conserved to ensure that the balance between man and nature is preserved.

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