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Art Gallery Proposal for Santa Cruz

During the Municipal Assembly Meeting of the Municipal Council of Santa Cruz (CMSC), the PSD issued a proposal suggesting the relocation of the Museum Nucleus from its current position in Funchal to Santa Cruz.  Plans were also discussed to create an Art Gallery in the old Parish Council Building in Caniço.

If the plan goes ahead, it means that the museum will not only is located in a beautiful area but attract more visitors, both locals and tourists.  The problem with the museum’s current location is that it resides at the back of a building, which is easy to miss and is not inviting to the general public.  By moving the museum’s location to a more visible and densely populated area, they feel that will not only attract more people but create a resource for pupils from the surrounding schools, who would be able to arrange school visits to the facility.  Also, the relocation of the museum will give tourists, who are naturally curious about Madeira’s heritage the opportunity to get to know it better as well as discover the parish of Santa Cruz.

With regards to the art gallery, many believe that using a disused government property would create an ideal cultural space as well as promote both local and regional artists, thus boosting Santa Cruz and Caniço as cultural areas outside the capital of Funchal.

Samantha Gannon

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