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Delays in Urgent Breast Cancer Treatment

Left Bloc party member Guida Vieira has expressed her horror saying that the regional health service is failing in its duty in caring for women with breast cancer.

According to information, there are several cases where breast cancer has been detected during a mammogram, but patients have been left waiting for over three weeks to have a biopsy.  She goes on to say that this is a dire situation which causes severe emotional problems as these women are left waiting for confirmation as to whether a lump is benign or malignant.

Having contacted the Health Service, Guida remains firm that things are not progressing as they should especially as the new mammography machine, which is supposed to make the process faster is still not working.   Taking to social media, she goes on to say that ‘these women have the right to more respect, especially as their lives are at stake and that without quick intervention an undetected or ignored growth could turn into something fatal.’  As such, she has launched an appeal to the Regional Secretary for Health, Pedro Ramos to intervene and ensure that these women receive urgent treatment, so not to cause them any more emotional distress and physical pain.

That said, I do know people who have received and are receiving excellent cancer treatment through the regional health service – Sam.

Samantha Gannon

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