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Atlantic Festival Programme

This year’s Festival of the Atlantic programme has a ‘renewed and enriched’ feel according to the Regional Secretary for Tourism and Culture, Paula Cabaço.  Funchal harbour will host four spectacular Saturday night firework displays while a pyromusical show will also take place in Porto Santo on the 30th.

The Saturday night firework displays start at 10.30 PM and are as follows: –

8th of June – ‘Thrones of Fireworks’ by Italian company Lieto Fireworks.

15th of June –  ‘Bouquet of Emotions’ by Polish company Surex Firma Rodzinna.

22nd of June – ‘Baila Mexico’ by Mexican company Pirotecnia Reys.

29th of June –  ‘Glorious’ by Portuguese company Macedos Pirotecnia.

30th of June in Porto Santo at the Cais Velho da Cidade  – ‘Glorious’ by Portuguese company Macedos Pirotecnia

Samantha Gannon

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