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81,000 Madeiran’s at Risk

Worrying figures from the Regional Directorate of Statistics show that last year (2018) 81,000 people in Madeira were on the poverty line.  With the value representing 31.9% of the total population, the numbers from the Survey on Living Conditions and Income 2018 are cause for concern.

The survey is part of the Europe 2020 Strategy which survey’s populations at risk; this includes risk of poverty and social exclusion based on annual incomes per adult.

Other indicators reveal that the population of the Açores were most at risk with 36.4% of people classed as vulnerable.  Lisbon had the lowest rate at 16.7%.

The 2018 national average reveals that 21.6% or 2.2 million people in Portugal were living below the poverty line or experiencing social exclusion.

Samantha Gannon

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Madeira Weekly