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Municipal Canil of Funchal Receives Donation

After a week of great tragedy and sorrow, not just here but abroad, it was nice to hear a little bit of good news. The good news is that the Municipal Canil of Funchal received a donation of €287.60 from Kate and Martin Gannon through their open garden project which aims to raise money for the animal shelter.

On talking to Kate, she explained that the garden was a ‘labour of love.’ The project began in 2005 when Kate and Martin moved to Madeira — working from a blank if somewhat wild and woolly canvas they slowly created the individual gardens as well as redesigning and doing the hardscaping by hand. It’s very much a hybrid with exotic orchids, traditional roses and flower beds which not only favour Madeiran favourites but shine a light on English cottage stalwarts such as wallflowers, stocks and aquilegia. The couples quirkiness lays hidden within the garden, and already some of the features have been photographed so these can be replicated in other gardens around the world.

On being asked why they chose the Municipal Canil, Kate stated that they had always had rescue cats and that after rescuing so many over the years they decided that opening their garden was the perfect opportunity to not only help animals in need but to let people experience another garden here on the island.

Kate and Martin’s garden at Casa das Flores, Caminho das Neves, 59, São Gonçalo is open every Thursday until the end of June, from 10 am until 3.30 pm. Entry is free, but a donation towards their charity is much appreciated. The monies recently raised will be used to neuter two female and two male cats.

Samantha Gannon

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