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The President Fights Back

During the signing of a cooperation agreement between the Regional Government and the Association of Voluntary Firemen of Madeira today the President of Madeira hit back at critics.  The event, which was dominated by the accident that happened in Caniço last Wednesday and Miguel Albuquerque’s absence sparked a heated response from the President.

When questioned about his nonappearance the President stated that he had tried to return to Madeira, but it had been ‘impossible.’ However, he said he had coordinated the rescue and recovery operation by phone and had at all times been aware of what was happening.

Praising the emergency services, he said that he had expected the rescue mission to go according to plan because of teamwork and not because of just one man.  He went on to say that it was not his job to show off and have his picture taken, but to ensure that the citizens of Madeira whether temporary or permanent are protected in such an emergency.  As such, investing in the Civil Protection Unit, training staff and having an efficient Health Care Service meant that the first victim of the crash was rescued and admitted to hospital within thirty minutes of the accident.

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