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Only the Rich Need Apply

Its name is Red Carpet Home Cinema and if you’re after a luxurious service where you get all the movie premiers without leaving home, this is for you. Created by former Warner Bros chairman of Film Distribution, Dan Fellman, and former President of Ticketmaster, Fred Rosen, this new restricted entertainment streaming option allows members to ‘join Hollywood VIP’s and watch the movies from the comfort of their own home!’

However, to take advantage of the company’s offer you must have at least €44,500 credit on your credit card and afford the €13,000 installation fee as the device is encoded with an anti-piracy system. Of course, the payments don’t end there, instead of paying a monthly fee, you pay to watch each film premiere. Prices vary between €1340 – €2670 depending on the predicted success of the film, which only have a 36-hour ‘watch me’ time frame.

Red Carpet Home Cinema creators intend selling their exclusive streaming system to approximately 400 clients in the US with the possibility of selling another 100 streaming device options throughout the United States at a later date.

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