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Mange Outbreak in Hospital

According to a press report at least seven people, including patients and staff have been affected by mange at the Hospital dos Marmeleiros, in Funchal.  Reacting to the news SESARAM have issued a statement saying that they confirm that an outbreak of scabies (mange) has occurred.  The outbreak has been linked to a patient who was hospitalised for other reasons.  They have also confirmed that all the appropriate measures have been taken to minimise any affects this outbreak may have on patients and staff.

Although unpleasant scabies is not a severe disease although contagious, the main symptoms are itching, pruritus and a rash.  Please note that this disease may occur anywhere in a public space and people are asked to vigilant, as any signs of the illness should be reported immediately to ensure that the appropriate treatment is given.

In a statement issued on the 22nd of April, SESARAM has confirmed that they have taken preventative measures including thoroughly disinfecting all areas while both patients and staff at the hospital were given preventative treatments.

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