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Aircraft Had to Land in Seville to Refuel

ANA has released information stating that 16 flights out of Lisbon airport yesterday morning had to divert to Seville San Palbo airport in order to refuel.  In addition, the Portuguese Government has announced that they managed to procure a total of 45 tankers which have successfully delivered aviation fuel to Lisbon and Faro airports.

Three gas tankers were also able to deliver gas to hospitals in Portimão and Olhão.  Many of the vehicles were driven by GNR and Public Security Police (PSP) agents.  Both the GNR and PSP have escorted dangerous goods vehicles in the Porto, Lisbon, Santarém, Setúbal and Faro.

The good news is that the strike has ended as the drivers union and the National Association of Freight Carriers (ANTRAM) came to an agreement this morning.

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