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Seal Pup Update

She may have baffled conservationists and scientists, but the six-month-old female seal pup is feeling at home on Porto Santo’s golden beach. Although sporadic sightings of Monk Seals are seen in and around Porto Santo waters, none have been known to make the island their home.

The Institute of Forests and Nature Conservation (IFCN) have also issued a statement saying that although there have been concerns that the pup is thin, they have reassured the public that this is perfectly natural as she has now stopped breastfeeding and is fending for herself.

Although the authorities are debating on how to deal with the situation, everyone believes that for the time being, they will allow her to rest after her initial ‘epic’ journey in the hope that she will return to the Desertas Islands. If not, she will be assisted back home to safety.

People are asked to ensure that her safekeeping is of paramount importance and that she is not disturbed or threatened by domestic animals.

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