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Firefighters Search for Lost Tourists

Firefighters from Ribeira Brava and Ponta do Sol, accompanied by Forest Police are currently searching for two tourists who were reported missing yesterday afternoon.  It is believed that the two tourists are somewhere on the 12.5 km path of Levada da Encumeada, which crosses Paul da Serra.  As yet no further details have been released.
The good news is that the couple, who were in their fifties were found this morning.  It would appear that the couple only intended to walk a couple of miles but became lost and thus issued an SOS call.  While sheltering from the rain, they said that they saw the rescue lanterns but were unable to attract the attention of emergency services.
They later were able to walk to a village where they arranged for transportation to their vehicle which was parked in Ribeira Brava.  They were checked over by emergency services and found non the worse for their adventure.

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