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TAP Prices Classed as Exorbitant

It would appear that TAP is in trouble again! As MEP Cláudia Monteiro de Aguiar has questioned the European Commission on TAP’s public service obligations, or lack of them, between the mainland and Madeira.

In a statement, she argues that TAP’s is failing to meet its obligations and is contravening Article 16, Regulation 10008/2008, which states that the ‘Union accepts the imposition of public services on scheduled routes if it is considered vital for the economic and social development of the region concerned.’ It also prevents price fixing by airlines, ensuring that carriers look further than their commercial interests.

As such, she believes that the prices levied by TAP should be assessed to find the cause of the high charges.  She also asks if the European Union would consider bringing in ‘infringement procedures’ against the Portuguese State (they are the largest TAP shareholder) for non-compliance of its public service obligations. She went on to say that it is up to the Portuguese Government to ensure that prices are compatible with the levels of income in Portugal’s overseas countries.

Concluding, she condemned the Portuguese Government for not taking Madeira’s concerns into account and that despite repeated attempts by the Regional Government of Madeira to review the mobility allowance it had remained ‘stuck in a drawer since 2016,’ with the Republic of Portugal failing to respond or listen to what would be best for the island.

Only recently a journalist shared his indignation at being charged €280 by TAP to fly between Porto Santo and Lisbon.  What enraged him further was that on the same day, he bought another ticket from TAP flying from Lisbon to Barcelona, which only cost him €30!





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