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Snow Falls in Pico do Areeiro

Taken entirely by surprise by the sudden drop in temperatures, the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA) confirms that snow fell on Pico do Areeiro this morning.  Other regions on the island have also experienced hail storms.

Please be advised that Madeira is still under an ‘orange’ warning for rain with torrential downpours and thunderstorms predicted.  As such, the Regional Civil Protection Service ask that people drive carefully, observe speed limits and be on the alert for the possible formation of sheet water on some of the island’s roads.  They also ask everyone to ensure that localised levadas (roadside) are kept clear to avoid road flooding. They also advise people to be especially careful while driving through wooded and mountain areas due to falling trees and road debris.

The severe weather is expected to remain until tomorrow, while temperatures are expected to drop by between 2° – 4° from Thursday until Sunday with a light scattering of snow being expected on Madeira’s mountainous regions.  Although the wind is expected to remain moderate to strong, 80 km gusts, have been predicted in the mountainous and extreme coastal regions of the island.


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