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You’re Nicked

Operation Poseidon swung into action on Sunday when 200,000 individual doses of cocaine, cash and mobile were seized. The drugs originating from Cuba were brought to Madeira via the MSC Opera disguised in bowls and plastic wrappers.  Once docked the drugs were removed from the ship and distributed to several mules who were waiting to fly them to various destinations including Venice, Malaga, Dubrovnik and Alicante.

In a coordinated event, arrests of the traffickers took place throughout Funchal as officers seized both mules and drugs. Currently, twelve suspects, six women and six men of various nationalities, aged between 20 – 52 are in court.  However, as no Portuguese were included in the arrests, it is believed that Madeira was just a landing stage and distribution centre.

Coordinated by the Judicial Police, the operation has been part of an international crackdown on drug trafficking.  The MSC company were informed of the developments and provided every cooperation possible to facilitate the operations success and subsequent arrests of the traffickers.




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