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La Vie Shopping Centre ‘Go Green Campaign’

La Vie Shopping Centre, Funchal has announced that it is launching the second phase of its ‘Sustainable Shopping Campaign.’  The original initiative, ‘Go Green – Plantar el Futuro’ promotes sustainable living and was developed by the Regional Secretariat for Education and the Regional Secretariat for Environment and Natural Resources.  As such, the programme encouraged some 1900 students and 180 teachers from schools around the region to take part in tree planting and natural habitat restoration exercises.

Go Green aims to encourage people of all ages to respect their natural habitat and environment and realise that for society to survive, we must become more environmentally friendly.  This is why La Vie Shopping Centre’s support is necessary for encouraging people to protect the environment around them.

The second phase will commence on the 21st of March at La Vie Shopping Centre and will be attended by the Regional Secretary for the Environment and Natural Resources, and coincides with the 20th anniversary of the classification of Madeira’s Laurissilva Forest as an UNESCO Natural Heritage Site.



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