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Second Madeira Airport Idea Supported by CDU

A recent statement issued by the CDU (Democrática Unitária Madeira) states that the Regional Government should carry out a feasibility study with regards to a second airport and or a new airport in Madeira.  This would cover two eventualities. Firstly, the inoperability of the airport because of weather conditions and secondly, in the case of an aviation accident, a second airport would provide an alternative, should Madeira’s International Airport become compromised.

Their draft proposal ‘New Airport Responses: Other Opportunities,’ advocates the creation of a second airport to provide a back up if the islands International Airport suffers closure due to climatic or catastrophic circumstances.  They also believe that there is a need for a firefighting aircraft to be based at the airport. Finally, CDU member,  Ricardo Lume, states that Madeira’s current airport infrastructure does not meet the needs of the people of Madeira and Porto Santo, creating severe constraints in their ability to travel.

As such, they urge the Regional Government to under undertake the necessary studies about the construction of a second airport in Madeira.

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