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Attention All Householders

Due to the dry weather and recent spate of fires, all owners of rural properties are advised to clear dead or dying vegetation surrounding their homes.

The local authorities state that it is everyone’s responsibility to ensure the continued conservation, protection and safeguarding of forests, countryside, animal and human life.  As such, by the 15th of March, all properties must have a 50-metre fire break – where possible.

Trees over four metres must have their branches cut back to ensure that the foliage of each tree is no closer than four metres to each other.  The only exceptions are pine and eucalyptus trees, whose branches must be over ten metres away from each other.

All trees and shrubs within a 5 metre radius of a house/property, except for fruit and protected trees, must be pruned to ensure that branches do not cause a fire hazard.

The law also states that gardens and agricultural land must be maintained, except those areas designated as fallow or permanent pasture.

Failure to comply will result in a fine of €10,000 for individual homeowners and €120,000 for companies.  Also, the Municipal Councils can clear private land and charge the costs to the home/property owner.

For further information and advice, please call 808 200 520.

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