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Madeira Schools Celebrate Envirate Week

Madeiran schools, many of whom are Eco-schools, will be celebrating their first ever ‘Envirate Week’ from the 6th to the 13th of March.   They will be joining 141 schools from 39 countries; all committed to improving and protecting the environment.

On the 8th of March, trees such as Dragon Trees, Tilde, Beech, Laurel, Aderno (Phillynea latifolia) and Barbusano (Apollonias barbujana) will be planted in some of the participating schools to represent Madeira’s Laurissilva forest.

Created in 2000 and based in Finland, the project is part of ENO – Environment Online, a global network of schools and communities who are committed to protecting the environment through various activities.  This non-governmental organisation has attracted some 10,000 participating schools worldwide, and as of 2004, tree planting has become the most popular activity, with over 30 million trees planted so far.

The ENO has teamed up with Envirate, which is a mobile app which registers trees and assesses the local environment.  Like TripAdvisor the app allows people to evaluate their environment in a similar way that people rate hotels.  The app is free and available worldwide.  So far twenty-three cities in seventeen countries have been assessed.


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