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February 20th 2010 Remembered

The party, We Citizens, has proposed the creation of a memorial in honour of the victims of the floods of 20th February 2010, to ensure that the ‘collective memory’ is not forgotten.

During a press announcement, a spokesperson for the party said that the damage and loss of life caused by the floods were primarily due to decades if not centuries of errors in maintaining the island’s rivers and streams.  Another contributory factor was the deforestation of the island’s woodland areas.  However, there are fears that time will dull the memory of the event and such forgetfulness could result in lack of maintenance of Madeira’s waterways, thus creating another ‘20th February’ scenario.

The party has suggested that the regional government erects a memorial in the People’s Square, Funchal by the 20th February 2020, (20.02.2020), to commemorate not just those who lost their lives but as a symbol of union and cooperation of the Madeiran people.

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