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Pick Pocket Update

Following on from my article last week about Pick pockets operating in Funchal.  Sources state that the gang carrying out these thefts comprises of several Romanian teams, who are circulating throughout Europe and carrying out multiple hits.  The good news is that eight of the group who were operating in Madeira last week have been arrested.

According to Diario da Noticias da Madeira, four suspects were arrested yesterday morning at 10.30 am by the Public Security Police (PSP) while trying to exchange stolen money at the Foreign Exchange office in  Rua de São Francisco, Funchal.  The arrest of one woman and three men came after a series of pick pocketing offences and thefts of perfumes and clothes throughout the Madeiran capital and Câmera de Lobos had been reported.

The gangs ‘modus operandi’ was based on one person distracting the intended victim while another pushed into him/her thus stealing wallets out of a back pockets or rucksacks.  Although thefts took place throughout the capital, buses and queues for tourist attractions were preferred hunting grounds.

In addition to the four Romanians already arrested, a further four, two men and two women fled the country on a last minute flight to Lisbon to avoid detention by the PSP.  Luckily they were apprehended on their arrival.


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