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Voltas e Cruzinhas Re-Opened

The pathway, Voltas and Cruzinhas, situated between Fanal and Chão da Ribeira, has finally reopened after several months of repair work.

During his speech at the opening ceremony, the President of the Municipality of Porto Moniz, Emanuel Câmara, stated that the works had cost €108.969 but were essential if the municipality wanted to create a more diverse number of recommended walks throughout the area, a position he strongly supported

The 4 km section starts in the Fanal mountains (approx. 1416m above sea level), borders Paul da Serra and drops down to Chão da Ribeira (which is around 280m above sea level).  The repair work includes the reconstruction of both concrete and wooden steps, relaying walkways, repairing walls, the construction of guard rails in dangerous areas as well as new and improved signposts.  Through this and other initiatives, the president said that he wanted to enhance and develop the area, especially the Laurissilva forest, as this would help reinvigorate the local economy, boost tourism and create employment. He hoped these actions would not only enhance everyone’s enjoyment of the area but by creating jobs would help reverse the ‘rural exodus trend.’

Currently three new country trails are scheduled to be reopened, Voltas e Cruzinhas as well as ‘Vereda da Terra Chã’ and ‘Vereda da Cavaca.’  In addition, a new mountain bike trail is currently under construction,and will provide Madeira with its first Internationally recognised and certified BTT trail.  Other ideas include increasing canyoning trails, aerial sports as well as other activities designed to encourage people to get out and enjoy the countryside.

The re-opening of Voltas e Cruzinhas is part of the V Eco-Tur Cooperation Mission which brought together mayors and Councillors from the  Canaries, Azores, Cape Verde, Senegal, Mauritania and Madeira to Porto Moniz, to attend the “Mac 2014-2020” Cooperation Program (Madeira-Azores-Canaries), which aims to develop initiatives and partnerships related to ecotourism activities.

Porto Moniz is the only Municipality of the Autonomous Region of Madeira with a project approved by Eco-Tur.


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