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André Rieu Returns to Lisbon

With his Lisbon shows in March already sold out, André Rieu has announced that he will be returning to Lisbon on the 20th of November to perform once again at the Altice Arena.  Jokingly, he said that it could be one, two or perhaps three more performances.

When asked about his enduring popularity, he explained that his live shows, which attract some 600,000 people a year, selling more tickets than Bruno Mars, AC/DC and Rihanna, are popular because people know that they will have an unforgettable night and be in a place where they can open their hearts.  He added that people miss not being together, and through his concerts, people would often make friends with the stranger sitting next to them; music he said, is like that, it unites people.  He concluded by saying that in addition to the music there would be a lot of jokes and plenty of good humour, something that was so lacking in the world now.

To date, André has sold 40 million CDs and dvds.

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