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Cais do Carvão (Coal Wharf)

During his speech marking the completion of the renovation works at the Cais do Carvão (Coal Wharf), the Mayor of Madeira, Paulo Cafôfo, stated that the project, which has cost in the region of €300,000, has created a new tourist attraction in Funchal.  He went on to say that the ‘area’ had played a significant part in Madeira’s heritage as it was used in the early 20th Century as a coal warehouse and market and that its tourist potential had been neglected for far too long.  As part of the project, a historical guide has been created, detailing the history of the wharf and its ‘sooty history.’

Concluding he announced that although many of the island’s events have already been scheduled for this year, he challenged associations and cultural agencies to create further initiatives and tourism opportunities.

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