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Police Appeal

The Public Security Police (PSP) have reiterated their appeal for drivers to exercise more care on Madeira’s roads.  Their plea comes after four tragic accidents have already taken place on the islands roads this year in which four people were killed, nearly half of the number of road deaths registered in 2018.

In a statement a spokesperson said that the PSP were saddened by what had already occurred on Madeira’s roads and hoped that these unnecessary deaths would motivate Madeiran society into rethinking its driving behaviour. Once again, they appealed to all drivers to act with due care and consideration.

As such, the PSP advise anyone involved in an accident to: –

  1. Stop their vehicle, ensuring that they signal that there is a problem by using the vehicles four-way intermittent blinkers.
  2. Check all passengers in the vehicles and contact 112 advising them of the situation.
  3. If possible, move he affected vehicles to the side of the road. Put on your reflective vest before placing the warning triangle approximately 30m from the vehicle and that it is visible to other drivers at a distance of 100m.  Once you have done all you can, ensure that you and any passengers move to a safe place and wait for the emergency services to arrive.


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