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Non-Habitual Resident migrants nearly double

Non-Habitual Resident migrants nearly double

Improved conditions and generous tax breaks have attracted more foreigners to Portugal in the last year and a half. The increase in the number of Non-Habitual Residents was 83% over the period, currently totalling 23,767 with NHR status. The rise is mainly from France, Italy and the UK. Emigrated Portuguese nationals are also returning but only account for 6% of the total.


Non-Habitual Residency under fire

Estimates surpass a total of 27,000 foreign taxpayers in Portugal currently enrolled in the NHR programme. The latest developments come from Sweden, looking to broach negotiations of its tax treaty with Portugal. This initiative follows on the heels of Finland’s threat to tear up its tax accord with Portugal if the Portuguese legislature fails to ratify a newly negotiated settlement by the end of November. With changes validated, new rules could apply to Finnish residents in Portugal as of 2022.


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