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The Living Will in Portugal

The Living Will is an electronically recorded document where residents – not only Portuguese citizens – may specify the kind of treatment or health care they want or do not want should become unable to communicate their wishes after an accident or illness. It allows all healthcare professionals quick access to the decisions made in advance to cover difficult questions which may arise in the event of severe illness or incapacitation. The document is registered via RENTEV, a National Register under the supervision of the Ministry of Health.

How to fill out the Living Will

Residents can download the form from, or obtain one from their regional Social Security office. The document must be completed in Portuguese and signed in the presence of a specific Social Security professional.  Once the will has been electronically certified and registered via RENTEV, the recipient can review their document through their individual Citizen’s Area in Segurança Social Directa Portal and check that their Living Will is correct and active.

The document is valid for five years, and RENTEV will alert users before the deadline passes for renewal.

How does it work?

RENTEV is accessible to all healthcare professionals who by law must respect the will expressed therein. However, a citizen may also determine a person of confidence in the document whose duty it is to ensure that the provisions in the Will are respected. It is also possible to have a lawyer or notary draw up a more specific text for registration. U.M.H. –

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