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New Data Protection Law in Portugal   – May 2018

It is easy to assume that the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is just about protecting people from unsolicited marketing and guarding against identity theft.  However, it is far broader than that. Big data is big business. Companies are now collecting, storing and using vast amounts of highly personal data about every aspect of our lives.

We now know some airlines manipulate the price of flights based on how often you visit their web page. The cookie they store in your browser tells them to increase the cost each time you visit the page to pressure you into buying. Clear your cookies in your browser settings and the price will drop down again.  In fact, according to the European Commission, researchers in Spain found that when shopping with artificially created online profiles, prices varied depending on the wealth of the person shopping. The wealthiest online shoppers were offered the same set of headphones at around four times the amount of the least wealthy. Airline tickets varied by 166 percent. Undoubtedly, this is personalised pricing by stealth. Raoul Ruiz Martinez.

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